There was the book fair at the school this week. I spent more then what I should but it does go back into the school so I’m trying not to feel bad about that. There was also an open house at Dax’s school. I think it went well. I really like the teacher Dax has this year. Tyde’s open house is Tuesday and I’m really looking forward to that. I’ve only met one of his teachers so far. He also has a Dr’s appointment that day.

Rudy has finished the soffit on the house and is almost done putting all the lights up outside. All gazillion of them, actually I think there are about 13 or 14 of them. I haven’t went around and counted them yet. We definitely will not have a problem seeing at night and neither will our neighbors.

Dax’s soccer team, the lightning, struck again. They played a Cocoa Beach team and the game should have been called when the score was 7-0 but the coaches wanted to let the girls keep playing. I think the end score was 15-1. Dax’s team is on a roll now. They play Rockledge next week. We’ll see if their winning streak holds up for them. Dax is number 12.

I finished the mermaid socks and Dax whisked them off as fast as she could.

I found this in my closet. It’s a sweater I started about a year ago and didn’t finish. It’s made from Peace Fleece yarn and pattern that I picked up over a year ago at the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I thought I would pick it back up and try and finish it.

I’m seriously eyeing this sweater from Knit picks for Dax. The colors would look great on her.

I’ve also heard that one of my favorite books might become a movie. I heard about it here. Wee Free Men has been acquired by one of the motion picture makers. I couldn’t find any information on when the release date will be though.


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