Oh I wish I had some nice progress pictures of knitting, but I don’t.
Instead I have some plant pictures for you. Can you guess what kind of plant this is?

When I saw it at this stage I started thinking it might be one of those bug eating plants.

Ok Here it is in full fruit so to say.

It’s a cotton plant that Dax brought home from school at the end of May. I thought I had killed it. It came home in this little container in about ½ inch of dirt, all nice and green and perky. I transplanted it into a bigger pot and it’s leaves started turning red and falling off. As a last ditch effort I gave it some miracle grow and wow it miraculously grew. (I guess that stuff really does work). It currently has about 10 more blooms on it. I’m also beginning to refer to it as the cotton tree. It looks like it is developing bark at the base of it and stands about 3 1/2 feet tall.

For a recap of last weekend, I did make it to the fiber in. Unfortunately I didn’t get to stay long, but I did get a chance to see one of the demos that was presented. It was hairpin lace. Both the carnival cardi wrap and the seafoam wrap skirt from interweave crochet magazine uses this technique. I really enjoyed the demo and maybe one day I’ll actually use it. I wanted to see the kumihimo (Japanese) braiding demonstration but didn’t have time.

Dax’s soccer game was a hot one. The team this season has yet to win a game. Somebody decided that the team needed to be moved up to a more competitive league. It was actually a good move for them. If they had stayed in the league they were in they would be still winning all their games but not having to really work for it. They are learning so much by playing these tougher teams and I think in time they will be able to start winning some games. Probably not this season but maybe next. Today is my day to bring half time snacks. I want to bring them some of those gu packages that Rudy uses when he does marathons but I don’t think they will like them. I probably should stick with fruit.

I hope everybody has a great week.


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