Monthly Archives: October 2007

Well Duh.

Why, why, why didn’t I stop when I knew that it wasn’t right? I guess it was just too much of a thrill to put my stick in the loop, add a loop, pull it through and just watch it grow. If you haven’t guessed yet I found a correction to the cable pattern that runs up the middle of the ruffled jacket on ravelry. This correction comes from Veronique on Ravelry or in the blog world Tres Chic Veronique .

Look at how far I have gotten with the funky cables.

I should have listened to myself when I thought it looked “not right”. Sophia left a comment on what might fix it. But, I thought I’ve gone this far I’ll just keep going. I don’t know why I didn’t sit it aside and just wait for somebody with more knowledge on cables to “correct” the pattern. I’m going to take the corrections that Veronique has given for the pattern and make a swatch. If it looks right, which I know it will, I’m going to rip back what I have and start over again. I’m just a little miffed at my own stubbornness, stupidity or maybe I should call it state of denial.

Hopefully I’ll get that same thrilling feeling the second time around. I probably will not but my state of denial might get me through it.

On the upside, which is also a duh moment because I should have figured this out a long time ago, I managed to set the halo scan to send comments directly to my e-mail, no more cutting and pasting for me.


New Look 6705

It’s time to start Halloween costumes. So I decided to finish the sewing project I had sitting on the machine. It’s a shirt from New Look pattern 6705. This is what the pattern cover looks like.

This is what I got.

I had a hard time with front yoke. I cut it to my size but the top part at the neck would buckle out. I assumed it was because I had made it too big. So, I took it apart and cut it down a size and it still buckled out. Finally I just folded the part that buckled and pinned it down. I took it apart again to re-cut a new yoke using the pinned down top yoke as a pattern and walla no buckle. For those who are making this shirt it was pattern piece #1 the yoke front that gave me such a hard time. I also did not put the tie straps on it. Actually I did but ended up taking them out to because they didn’t seem to pull the shirt in around the waist. This shirt would be nice for someone who does not want a shirt to cling to the waist area. It’s not one of my favorite shirts but I’ll wear it here and there.

Now I can move on to Halloween costumes. I hope everybody has a good weekend.

Dish Rag Tag

The running ragged team should get an award for perseverance. Even though we may have came in last place we at least finished. Well as long as the package doesn’t get lost again. The box got lost one person before my tag. I was beginning to think it would never make it to me. But then, on Saturday I found this in my mailbox.

Thank you Jannett for all the goodies! The rag is beautiful, the caramel bites were delicious and I’ll get good use out of the note cards and pocket pics book.

I immediately started working on my rag to send to the finish line. Jannett had sent some pretty pink yarn and some variegated yarn. I really liked the rich colors in the variegated yarn and decided to use it.

I wanted to keep it simple and stick to just making a square rag. Then I saw a cool looking stitch pattern at Yarn over Manhattan’s blog. I just love how you can find great inspiration from other people’s knitting on the internet. She called it the 2-Colour Star Stitch Pattern from a book I didn’t have so I looked in some books that I did have and found a stitch pattern that looked similar. It’s the daisy stitch from Vogue Knitting Stichionary book.

A big thank you to Emily for hosting the Dish Rag Tag. It was exciting waiting for the box and trying to decide what to knit for the rag. The box alone was really cute. Everybody that got the box left little messages and stickers on it.