Monthly Archives: January 2008


Wow, January sure did go by fast for me. I was hoping to have not 1, not 2, but 3 projects done this month.

Here’s project 1.
Umm, not done, but close, veerrrry close.

Here’s project 2.
Umm, I had some collar issues so not done either, but oh so close.

Here’s project 3.
Yeah done, but the designated wearer does not like it and has a slight request. She wants me to lower the bodice. To do this I will have to take it all apart re-cut a new bodice and then put it back together again. Umm this one might not be done till 09.

On the up side I’m almost done with project 1 and 2. So I should have a good start for February.

Also if you didn’t notice I’ve been playing with photoshop. That software can do some really interesting things to pictures. Dax is lucky I didn’t make her shirt totally neon :).

Have a great week!



Remember the purple stuff. It’s the purple roving that went back and forth between my sister and me. The last time I saw it I had finally spun it and sent it to my sister. Well, some of it has made its way back to me. For Christmas my sister gave me these.

It’s the purple stuff all knitted up as fetching, pattern is on

Thank you Cyndi for making these for me, I love them!

We’re Back

I bet you didn’t know we left. Actually we have been back since Monday but I’ve been so busy trying to catch up that I haven’t had time to post. I took Tyde and Dax with me to meet up with my sister’s family for the Disney marathon weekend. The plan was for my sister and I to do the marathon, but we didn’t.

My sister has been my running buddy for every marathon I have done. I’ve lost track but I think we have done 6 full and 2 halves together, one of those half’s she did the full and I did the half. About two months ago my sister found out that she has some major knee problems. The Dr’s are telling her she is going to need a knee replacement but because she is considered too young for this she needs to make what she has last longer, which means no more long runs. Due to my lack of training and my lack of motivation to do a marathon without her I decided to pass my numbers to Rudy. Of course he had to run without the chip time. To run as a 40 something female would have put him on the podium. For those family members who try and keep up with his times he finished in 3hr10min.

Even though we didn’t do the marathon we went anyway. Sam and the kids did the 5k at Animal Kingdom. Then we spent the rest of the weekend visiting the theme parks. I made zebra hats for the 5k and my sister made some awesome tie dye shirts. The center has the shape of a Mickey Mouse head on them. She found directions on the internet for the tie dye shirts. Here’s a link for directions. I would like to try doing this in the future but maybe use some kind of other shape for the main focus, maybe a dragon, unicorn or fairy or something.

I hope everybody has a great weekend!


In the middle of the night, actually it was early in the morning around 4:00 a.m., I smelled something that didn’t smell right. It woke me up out of my deep sleep. My eyes popped open and I immediately said “something is burning.” Rudy must have been still asleep because he did not respond. So, I got up and started walking around looking for the source. I was trying to be quiet but Rohan was following me around. I don’t think a dog knows how to be quiet. Just the thump of his happy tail on every wall, floor chair is enough to wake up the whole household but I was on a mission, I wanted to know what was burning. I checked the oven it was off. I checked the computer. We once had a fan expire and something melted in the computer and it smelled bad but it wasn’t the computer. I walked in every room trying to pin point the smell and couldn’t. Finally I gave up and went back to bed. Of course Rudy was awake by then. I’m going to blame it on the dog for waking him up. Since he now comprehended what I was saying I once again said, “something smells like it is burning.” He then replied, “ it’s the heater”. “They all smell a little funny when they first kick in”.

Oh, duh.

We have officially used the heater in the house.


Happy New Year!
I hope everybody has a happy, healthy year to come!

Rohan hopes you have a year full of big, juicy bones.

If you haven’t already seen it then go check out Duirwaigh “A knock at the Door.” A nice slide show to help start the year. If you have already seen it then go see it again. If your like me you will enjoy watching it over again.