This is a knit a long project I’m doing with my sister who lives in a different state. I have somehow managed to get further along on it then what she is. Actually I know how I’ve managed this, I only have about three projects on the needles at this time instead of the 5 or 6 she has. I also haven’t been getting to go to all the fun vacation places that she has been going to. You know how all that fun vacationing stuff squashes the time you get to spend knitting. Anyway, I was going to wait till I finished it before I posted about it. I am so close to finishing it, but I ran out of yarn. Don’t you just hate when that happens? Not to worry though, more is on its way.

I’ll give more specifics on it when it is done. I had added stitches for the length (which is probably why I ran out of yarn). I told my sister I would post pictures so she could see how the extra stitches look. That way she can decide if she might want to add more stitches. I had added enough stitches to give it an extra inch in the front and an inch in the back. I really think it would be long enough without adding more stitches. I just don’t like things to be to short in that area. Cropped tops are not my thing. I don’t have much experience in blocking but I’m guessing that blocking it might add length to it to but I’m not sure. I am hoping that blocking it will take some of that curl out of the front edge.

This picture isn’t that great at showing the length. It is still on the needles which makes it pull up on the right side of this picture but I liked the picture. It shows the texture nicely :).

Dax is modeling this. She is a little shorter than me but so is my sister ;).

Have a great day!


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