Friday Photo on Sunday

Here’s my Friday photo on Sunday. Ok, I’m a few days off.

I’ve been playing around with a different blog. I decided I wanted to post more photos but didn’t want to overwhelm this blog with my random ramblings. I called my other blog The Ugly Herthen. I got the name from a drawing I did one day when I was sitting around and drawing with Dax. I’m not sure if I’m going to keep it or not. I’m still playing around with it.

Anyway, I ran into another type of blogging called, tumblr. I’m wondering do any of you guys know much about tumblr? I heard somebody say it’s a glorified twitter. It looks like a great way to show photos but it doesn’t look very organized to me. In other words I don’t see where you can tag your photos.

If your like me and haven’t ever seen tumblr and your curious here are some blogs/tumblr sites that have caught my attention.
That Girl
Live for the stoke Tyde would like this one.
Black and WhiteIt looks like you can submit your own pictures to this one.
Joie De Vivre
Restart My Heart This was the first one I ran into.


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