Blogging mojo

My blogging mojo has left me so I’m struggling to get it back. To try and move things along I have for you today a “what I’m knitting post.”

It’s from a pattern and yarn that I got from a vendor calledKiparoo Farm that was at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I have adjusted the pattern. The way it was written didn’t work for me. I have to confess this makes me nervous because I lack the confidence or maybe I should say skills as a knitter to veer away from patterns. In the past it has turned into a disaster. I’ll let you know as time goes on if this can be related to one of the most catastrophic occurrences ever to occur in the history of my knitting. Ok that catastrophic stuff was a bit over the top but Dax thought it fit in well with the post so I’m leaving it in.

To also boost my blogging mojo I have signed up for the Ten on Tuesday that I’ve seen mentioned on some other blogs I read. If you are interested in participating you can sign up at Carole knits to get the topics sent to you thru e-mail.


One response to “Blogging mojo

  • todayandeveryday

    Nervous? look how far you've come with it. It is gonna be fantastic and it looks like it will drape really nicely [which is always a bonus in my knitting book].
    Sometimes it is hard to know what to blog about that you think will be of interest to others. I just blog about what is of interest to me. Hopefully there are a few like minds out there as well that reads the stuff from my head.
    Carry on!

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