Top ten on Tuesday.

This weeks top ten is 10 Ways To Entertain a Child. My kids are getting a good bit older Dax is now 15 and Tyde 17, but most of these activities they have enjoyed for awhile now.

1. Beach, this is in the number one spot for a reason. We live about a block from the beach so we spend a lot of time there.

2. Camping.

3. Visiting the library. My daughter enjoys library visits more than my son but there was a time when he enjoyed story book time as much as I did.

4. Art/Crafts. Break out the crayons, paper, pencils or whatever.

5. Baking. Just as fun to make as to eat.

6. Games. I always liked Uno or mancala but my son’s favorite is monopoly. He also likes battleship. They both love the ps3 games.

7. Lego’s yes this is one of the toys they haven’t outgrown. I can still pull out the lego bin and have major entertainment.

8. Hiking or trail bike riding. We don’t have the hills around here like some people do but we do have some biking trails that you can either walk or bike on.

9. Fishing.

10. Theme park, Disney, Universal, Bush Gardens, Wet and wild there all within an hour from us.

Did I mention the beach because yeah, we spend a lot of time there.

If interested in participating in the ten on Tuesday you can sign up here.


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