I love the New Year. It’s a great time for reflecting and making goals. There is only one other time that I do this in my life and that is around my birthday. The New Year is different. It stops the flow of a busy year, and gives me some time to really regroup. Here is my list of things I would like to work on in 2015.

Get Ms. D to Disneyland. She has been wanting to go for a long time, and I keep telling her maybe one day.

Finish the Christmas Stockings that a friend asked me to make for her. This started over 2 years ago. Her daughter got married and she asked me to knit a stocking for her new family member. I started it but struggled with it, she had no pattern for it and I really wanted it to look like the others. I struggled with finding the right yarn, the right gauge etc. Then my marriage fell apart and I had to start working more hours, meaning I had less time for knitting. Then her daughter had a child, so she asked if I could make another. I started feeling guilty for not having them done, so I told myself that I would not knit anything else till I had them finished. I just wasn’t into knitting them. The original did not knit in the round like I usually do, and it had a lot of intarsia knitting in it. I didn’t feel very confident knitting intarsia so I avoided it, which meant I avoided knitting altogether. I finally finished one of them, and then her daughter had another child. So I have two to make now. Sigh, I would really like to get this done.


DE clutter-I’m a pack rat by nature. Everything has meaning to me and because I like recycling I feel I can find another use for something. This causes a lot of clutter. So I need to find a place for things or get rid of it.

Fix the things that are breaking around house.

Take more pictures. I love pictures, and as I get older they have more meaning to me. You just never know how much your world will change. I have a tumblr with my sister were we try to take a picture a day and post it. We let it die last year, we need to revive it.

Keep up with this blog :).

Stretch more/ be more consistent with exercise/ add walking back into evenings. When I had my knee problems I had to see a sports therapist to fix it. He made me realize the importance of stretching and building strength in a balanced way. I’m terrible about stretching, it needs to become a part of my daily routine.

Eat better- make more meals. I have a tendency to eat cereal a lot.

As for 2014, I’m not very good at keeping track of what I did, but I know that overall I’m feeling better. So for 2015 become more me and give when I can.


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