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New Year’s Eve 2014

I did something this New Year’s Eve that I don’t usually do, I purposely went to be among a crowd of people.  Ms. D told me that on her list of things to do is to see the New Year’s Eve fireworks at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.  We heard it’s one of the better fireworks shows, and we know from experience that Disney puts on awesome firework shows.  So, I told her let’s do it.  She immediately got us some fast passes, and we put it on our calendar.  The challenge of this quest is that I’m a morning person and I’m not found of crowds.  I do ok with certain kinds of crowds, Dragon Con, Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival, and marathon runs have never really bothered me.  I think this is because the people are generally very respectful, and well, we all have a common interest that we are passionate about. For example at the sheep and wool festival, the majority of people there love everything fiber, or they are there to support somebody they care about that loves everything fibery.  It always makes me smile to see the spouse that comes to the Festival, not because they like knitting or spinning, but because somebody they love does.

I knew the crowds at Disney would be different.  People get tired and their patience can run thin, maybe some of them lack empathy, and don’t realize how they are affecting other people.  Sometimes that person will be disrespectful to others so they can get that better seat, or have less time waiting etc.  I see it all the time when I go to Disney, the people that cut in line or push to just get a few people ahead of others.  Don’t get me wrong most people are very nice, only a few do this but that few can influence the others.  New Year’s Eve at Magic Kingdom is known to be one of the busiest days for them.  I’ve heard rumor that they have reached max capacity on that day.  With this knowledge we started making plans.

1231traffic11231trafficselTraffic going into Magic Kingdom.

I found some knitting to bring.  I wanted to bring something that was small but could be knitted without much focus, no cables or lace would do.  I went to my old standby socks, just a basic sock.  I chose a yarn that has WOW appeal to me.  Yeah I know another project started without finishing the other two that were on the needles.  The Christmas stockings that I’m making for a friend was to complex, and the hooded sweater was too bulky. In addition to the knitting, we put on sunscreen and brought our raincoats.  I can’t really say when we got to the park but we left the house around 7:30.  I had gotten up around 3:50 am to get in a 7 mile run, showered, and ate breakfast.

1231wowyarnMy WOW yarn

Here’s the bits and pieces from our New Year’s Eve experience at Disney World’s Magic Kingdom.

It was colder than we had expected.  It did rain but I used my raincoat to stay warm more so than keep rain off.

Riding the ferry boat over seems to be the fastest way when there is a crowd.

The fast passes worked great for us.  We had a fast pass for Space Mountain, and really had no wait. The guy in front of me on the ride asked me where I was from, and informed me he was from Oklahoma.  He said he hoped this ride was really good because they waited almost 3 hours for it.   I think the longest wait we had was for the haunted mansion, over an hour, but we used the fast passes for the ones we wanted to ride the most.

We planned on eating at later times than the majority.  This made the wait times less but we still had a hard time finding a place to sit and eat.

If you think you might need to go to the bathroom, go!  The lines to the bathrooms for the ladies was awful.  If you waited until you felt like you really needed to go then you will have to hold it extra-long.  I usually drink more when I’m at the parks, but I purposefully avoided drinks because I didn’t want to wait in lines.  Otherwise, I would have gotten that Starbuck’s tea when we were waiting on the fireworks.

There were the expected rude people.  At one point we were in a large crowd, a woman and her family kept pushing us.  I looked over my shoulder and asked her to stop pushing. They were nice after that and stopped pushing.  There was another incident were a man got miffed because they closed one of the men’s bathrooms and converted it to a woman’s bathroom.  There was no line for the men’s bathroom, and the women’s was wrapping around the restaurant. The man was told to use the one across the street.  He got miffed and started swearing at the Disney employee.  It went on for a while.  I could see both sides of this.  The man was probably tired, and didn’t like the idea of having to go outside the building and walk across the street.  It was busy and there was a lot of people to walk around.  On the other hand they had a lot of women, some with children waiting for a long time to go to the bathroom.  I told Ms. D this would be a toddler’s parent’s nightmare.  Anybody that has gone through potty training understands what I’m talking about.  It’s usually the mom’s that are trying to get these kids to the bathroom.  I’m sure Dad’s do it to, but I usually see this job go to the moms, no matter what sex the child is.

The worst incident of people for me happened while trying to find a place to watch the fireworks.  It was really crazy in front of the castle.  There was one family that practically blocked a lot of people in and used force to keep them from walking through “their” area.  This blocked everybody behind them.

Disney gave all guests hats and horns to help bring in the new year.  There was a lot of horn blowing going on throughout the park.  Some groups where very creative and musical with their horns.

1231hat Festive hats.

Because of the rain and cooler weather the line for Splash Mountain was less then 30 minutes.  We had on our raincoats and avoided getting wet.

We got a good view of the Christmas parade and avoided the crowds by riding the steam boat during this time.

We did manage to find a spot and waited around 3 hours for the fireworks show.  Ms. D is shorter than me and had a harder time seeing the show on the castle because of all the phones and tablets people raise over their heads to record the show.  The impressive thing with the New Year’s Eve fireworks was that they shoot them all around the park.  However, I have to confess I liked their Christmas fireworks show that they did earlier better.  After the show Ms. D looked disappointed and told me it probably would have been better to watch them outside the park.


All in all we had a good time.  It was a fun day.  A long day for me.  We didn’t get home till just before 3 am.  I was impressed that I made it 23 hours without sleep.  Ms. D. told me that she has an urge to lock herself up in her room for 3 days to recover from all the crowd exposure we went through.  I think if I ever go through that again I will try to stay on site, and maybe pick one of the Magic Kingdom resorts to see the fireworks.  You will miss the show on the castle, but get more of the awe effect of the fireworks.

I hope everybody has a wonderful 2015.

Happy New Year!


Summer Days Photo Friday

Dax and I go to the beach almost everyday.
We try to get Tyde to go with us but he can’t seem to get out of bed before 11 a.m.
If there were surfable waves maybe he would get up.
But for now we have those glassy small summer waves that are good for the river rat float.

I hope everybody else is enjoying their summer days.


Wow the weeks are going by just as fast as ever. I hope everybody else is able to keep up better then I have been able to.

I had to put my silver belle to one side for now to work on these.Last year the 7th graders at Dax’s school made a blanket for charity. The idea was that all the 7th graders made a knitted block and then volunteers crochet the blocks to make them 8×8 squares and then pieced them together. I’m not really much of a crocheter but I can do it, so I volunteered to help out. The blocks were hilarious; most of them were not square at all. Anyway they asked if I would be interested in helping out again this year and of course I was excited to be asked. Aren’t these (uhm, I guess you can call them blocks) interesting. I call this one the deranged tomato.
This one I call the dripping mask. One of them has a little flap thingie. I’m not sure what to do with that.

I’d never call myself an expert knitter but I wouldn’t exactly say I’m a beginner either, but I can tell you these little blocks are very challenging to me :). It is so tempting to redo them but they really need to be the kids blocks so I’ll try and work with what they gave me. Hopefully I’ll have them done in a month or so.

On to other news I went ahead and purchased plane tickets to go to the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I was thinking that with the issues with the economy and prices of gas going up etc.. I would not be able to make it this year but I saw Southwest had a great deal on tickets last week. So, I couldn’t resist. My flight plans are made and wahoo, I will be going again this year! (Happy Dance)

For those who are wondering, Rudy participated in the Disney marathon last weekend. He finished 119th overall with a time of 3:06:19, actually it was a 3:04:19 but they put their foot across the chip mat two minutes before the start of the race so it registered them as running already. I’m sure there will be some complaints about that. They did a little blurb about him in the florida today paper. I had to laugh when I read it mentioning him mixing up his nutrition and training. As I was reading the article I looked across the room at him to see that he was eating chips and dipping them into some kind of cheese sauce. Yep, that’s Rudy give him something to dip with a beer or a bowl of ice cream and he’s a happy guy, not exactly what I’d call marathon nutrition ;).

A day of fishing

Well today was back to work for Rudy and I. The kids start back to school tomorrow.., but Sunday was a day of fishing.

I caught a monster of a trigger fish and made Rudy take a picture of it. They don’t normally get this big.

Rudy of course had to catch at least one yucky shark. Sharks rob your bait; they will also chump on any fish you catch while you are reeling it in. Some friends told us shark is good to eat. So we gave it a try once when we caught a hammerhead. Turned out we didn’t agree with them. The meat is squeaky imo. Oh, I can’t forget to mention that once you catch one they are hard to get off the line. Their skin is tough so it is hard to gaff them and then trying to get the hook out of their mouth is quiet the work out.

When we got back into the port to load the boat up we saw the Disney Wonder cruise ship heading out. It’s one of my favorites in the port, a very pretty ship.

All in all it turned out to be a good day of fishing. We caught several trigger fish, some snapper and some sheephead. Although to Rudy’s disappointment we did not catch any grouper or cobia.

Well that was the end of our holiday break, not to bad of a ending.

Walk with Rohan

Did you know crocs float? Yes that’s my shoe he is retrieving. No matter, it always comes back to me.

It doesn’t matter what intensity she throws it at.

Whether he has to get his face wet,

Or go way out of his way to find it.

He always brings it back.

We have gotten a lot of rain the past couple of days so we took Rohan out for a walk to the place where nobody likes to go when it rains.

Fourth of July weekend

Since it’s almost been a week since, here is what we did over the 4th of July weekend.

First, thank you for the comments on the Ugly Sweater. I’m so glad that it isn’t ugly looking to you guys. After knitting on it for awhile I ended up frogging it. The Bernat cotton yarn was not living up to my expectations. I debated for a long time on what to do. I have two options in my stash, there is South West Trading Company 100% Bamboo, or a yarn I totally forgot I had, Tahki cotton classic. I finally decided on the Tahki Cotton Classic. If it doesn’t work out I’ll try the bamboo.

Fireworks, even though the city canceled the big fireworks show on the beach, very disappointing, we still got to see some nice fireworks in the neighborhood. I think because of the cancellation more people bought their own this year. I was surprised to see so many. Rohan is ok with fireworks. He gets a bit excited running around the yard and barking at first but then he settles down and sits by my feet. All except the fountains Rudy and the kids bought. I had to put him inside. He was practically pulling me across the yard trying to get to them.

Ikea, we heard the advertisements for the big Ikea sale. We still need some storage furniture so the advertising worked on us. It got us to make the drive to Orlando to check it out. Of course all the items on our list were not on sale. We did get some dressers and night stands. Rudy walks around the store saying things like “I can make that.” So, I took this picture because I want Rudy to make what’s in the back ground for Tyde’s room. That’s Rudy with the list. I have also put a request in for a desk to go in the craft room. Right now I use the dinning room table to sew on. It’s a pain to take the sewing machine out and put it back up. Actually, I just take it out and leave it there. We usually eat outside on the patio.

Here is what the dining room table looks like right now.A mess isn’t it? As you can tell I did clear the sewing machine off. Only because I wanted to put the drum carder on it ;). My pathetic looking little plant is surrounded by wool.

We’re Back

I bet you didn’t know we left. Actually we have been back since Monday but I’ve been so busy trying to catch up that I haven’t had time to post. I took Tyde and Dax with me to meet up with my sister’s family for the Disney marathon weekend. The plan was for my sister and I to do the marathon, but we didn’t.

My sister has been my running buddy for every marathon I have done. I’ve lost track but I think we have done 6 full and 2 halves together, one of those half’s she did the full and I did the half. About two months ago my sister found out that she has some major knee problems. The Dr’s are telling her she is going to need a knee replacement but because she is considered too young for this she needs to make what she has last longer, which means no more long runs. Due to my lack of training and my lack of motivation to do a marathon without her I decided to pass my numbers to Rudy. Of course he had to run without the chip time. To run as a 40 something female would have put him on the podium. For those family members who try and keep up with his times he finished in 3hr10min.

Even though we didn’t do the marathon we went anyway. Sam and the kids did the 5k at Animal Kingdom. Then we spent the rest of the weekend visiting the theme parks. I made zebra hats for the 5k and my sister made some awesome tie dye shirts. The center has the shape of a Mickey Mouse head on them. She found directions on the internet for the tie dye shirts. Here’s a link for directions. I would like to try doing this in the future but maybe use some kind of other shape for the main focus, maybe a dragon, unicorn or fairy or something.

I hope everybody has a great weekend!