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Top ten on Tuesday.

This weeks top ten is 10 Ways To Entertain a Child. My kids are getting a good bit older Dax is now 15 and Tyde 17, but most of these activities they have enjoyed for awhile now.

1. Beach, this is in the number one spot for a reason. We live about a block from the beach so we spend a lot of time there.

2. Camping.

3. Visiting the library. My daughter enjoys library visits more than my son but there was a time when he enjoyed story book time as much as I did.

4. Art/Crafts. Break out the crayons, paper, pencils or whatever.

5. Baking. Just as fun to make as to eat.

6. Games. I always liked Uno or mancala but my son’s favorite is monopoly. He also likes battleship. They both love the ps3 games.

7. Lego’s yes this is one of the toys they haven’t outgrown. I can still pull out the lego bin and have major entertainment.

8. Hiking or trail bike riding. We don’t have the hills around here like some people do but we do have some biking trails that you can either walk or bike on.

9. Fishing.

10. Theme park, Disney, Universal, Bush Gardens, Wet and wild there all within an hour from us.

Did I mention the beach because yeah, we spend a lot of time there.

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Ten on Tuesday

I saw this “Ten on Tuesday” on somebody’s blog and thougt I would give it a try. I’ll probably get bored of it after awhile but for now it was kind of fun to make my ten list. And since it feels funny to do a post wihtout a picture, I included a few pictures taken from the butterfly exhibit at Epcot’s flower festival. You can click on pictures to biggify.

This week is 10 Favorite Time Wasters.

1. Blog Reading- I spend a lot of time reading blogs. I do love reading blogs but I really lose concept of time when I’m clicking around through them. Sadly only a very small percentage of them do I actually leave comments on but yes I spend a lot of time lurking in blog land.

2. Blog Posting- I also spend a good bit of time making posts for my own blog. It’s funny because I don’t post most of them. My issue is that I know that a lot of my family who are spread out all over the place read my blog for family updates but then I feel uncomfortable sometimes posting too much information especially about Tyde and Dax so they never make it on the blog.

3. Ravelry- What can I say, if you decide to just log in to ravelry to check that one thing, don’t be surprised if an hour later you find out you’ve been side tracked and still haven’t checked that one thing you were originally going to check on.

4. Online Yarn shops- I will visit online yarn shops and play around with the numbers of, if I used this yarn for this project how much would it cost me, then I will go to another yarn and do the same thing. After spending a lot of my time trying to figure out which yarn would be the best deal I end up getting nothing because I realize that I already have a good bit of yarn and I shouldn’t be buying more. Please tell me I’m not the only person who does this.

5. TV -I’m really not much of a TV watcher. I don’t have regular shows that I watch each week but I do get sucked into shows all the time.

6. Baths

7. Book Stores- I love going to a book store but don’t usually do it if I have other things I need to get done. There is no way I can just run in and out of a book store.

8. Library- It’s funny because I work in a library, you would think I wouldn’t want to spend free time in a library but I do. It’s very similar to the book store affect.

9. Going through the yarn stash- I like to look at my yarn stash but it’s best done when I have time to really enjoy it. I usually do it whenever I’m close to finishing a project.

10. Magazines- Another part of my book issue. I love looking through magazines. Even if they aren’t telling me anything I don’t already know, I will still spend the time to read it again.