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Goodbye Maelstrom


We live about an hour drive from Disney World. I would only visit every once in a while, but once the kids were born we became regulars.  Ms. D mentioned to me that they were closing the Norway ride Maelstrom to refurbish it to a Frozen ride.  This will probably make the ride more popular/crowded, but made me feel sad in a sentimental way.  I’ve always enjoyed Maelstrom.   I would have to say it’s one of my favorites in the world showcase.  I wanted to ride it one more time before it closed so, I filled up the car with gas, drove by to pick up Ms. D at UCF and off to Epcot we went.


The food and wine festival was also going so we indulged a little bit in that area.



10414cheese Some of the foods enjoyed
Ravioli alla Coprese in Italy,
Bedgian Waflle in, well of course-Belgium,
Keerygold Cheese Selection in Ireland,
The dessert trio,
Vegetarian Haggis in Scotland, and
Nueske’s Pepper bacon hash.