Monthly Archives: July 2006

This n that

I can’t get over how fast the kids summer break is flying by. I haven’t gotten nearly as much things done as I was hoping. We did walk down to the beach yesterday. Dax found this on the beach, hmmm, interesting.

When we got home I noticed we are getting close to having some eatable fruits soon.

I also managed to finish up a top that Dax asked me to make for her. It was pretty easy to throw together using the serger.

Here’s what’s on the wheel for now. I got this roving while at the Maryland sheep and wool festival. As time goes by you will notice that most my wool I got from the Maryland sheep and wool festival. We don’t have a huge selection of places to buy rovings from down here in Florida. This green stuff is really nice to spin.

This week is going to be busy. I decided to try and get the kids to Alabama for a week before they have to go back to school. So I’m going to spend the next five days to get ready for a road trip. I don’t even have an atlas so that will be on the list of things to get.



Last Halloween Dax wanted to be Violet from the Unfortunate Events. I managed to get some pictures from the internet and worked feverishly to make this costume on time for Halloween. On Halloween I took a bunch of pictures of her to only find out the next day that I didn’t have a memory card in the camera. She has been asking me to take some pictures of her in the costume. Sooooo, today we did. Here is a picture of the original.

And here is what we managed to come up with.

While we are in the Halloween, “boo” mood, I finished the booga bag. I went ahead and re-felted it and Dax helped me needle felt some flowers on it.

Go With the Flow

Yep, that’s me and that’s what this sock pattern is called, Go With the Flow. This is a pattern from Interweave knits magazine made with trekking yarn. And yes we took these trekking. I was making them while on our trip to the Maryland sheep and wool festival. My sister gave me the yarn, and what a treat they are. They are so comfy.

Here is Rudy’s project for the moment, the stairs. I think they are coming out nicely. We are in hold on the kitchen till the cabinets get done.

Clean Up

Whew, what a great day yesterday turned out to be. First it didn’t rain. Then Rudy didn’t have to stay at work late. Best of all, the shuttle went up. The kids probably think the best thing was that Dad came home early enough to get them some fireworks.

Mermaid socks from Lucy Neatby’s book. The heel in this pattern is a little different then what I’m use to doing so I’m trying to figure it out. To me the hardest part of knitting is reading/understanding the patterns.

Rohan tries to play cards. Yeah he is definetly feeling better.

Well now it’s time to clean up.

Out of sync

I feel like I’ve been out of sync for awhile but on the upside, I feel like I’m starting to rebound. Today is the 4 of July. Normally the kids are pretty excited, Rudy cooks out on the grill and he buys them fire works. He has to work today. It is bittersweet. It would be great to see the shuttle go up but I know the kids are bummed about him not being here. They are stuck with boring Mom. I will not get them fireworks. Actually I don’t mind them having fireworks but for some reason the city doesn’t want them to have them. We are in the county but it’s between two cities, Cocoa Beach and Cape Canaveral. The two cities are doing a big push about no fireworks. It’s supposed to rain anyway.

I think the other thing that has me a little worn is the dog. He’s been sick. He is known for eating things he shouldn’t and getting them stuck in his digestive system. This dog has cost us a fortune in surgeries. He is a golden retriever and I know now why they call them “Golden”. I was beginning to think maybe he had eaten something again that isn’t going through the system right. He wasn’t eating his food and keeping me up at night wanting to go outside, wanting to come in over and over again. After thinking back about what I think the kids have given him to eat I’ve decided I think he just has a stomach ache or a reaction to something they gave him and it will pass as long as I don’t let them feed him anymore junk, the main culprit being peanuts.

Well on to other things. I finished my booga bag. At least I thought I finished it but after putting the handles on it and looking at it I decided I need longer handles and I need to felt it more. I want it to be a little stiffer and I’d like the handles to be long enough to drape it across my back.

I also decided to try and make something with the yarn I plied. The pattern calls for singles but I don’t think I could do it with my singles. Let’s just say they were a bit thin in places. I’ve never really crochet before and this is a crochet thing so I learned just enough to do the pattern.

That’s it for now, I’m off to try and get back into sync.

Sock Obsession

My very first thing I ever knitted from start to finish was a pair of socks. I had done little swatches and even started a sweater once for my daughter but she out grew it before I ever got close to finishing it. As a mater of fact I just ripped that sweater about a month ago because I want to use the yarn for a different project.

Oh yeah, back to the socks. One day I was visiting my sister in the Washington D.C. area and she told me about these socks that knit up into its own pattern. We managed to get to a yarn shop in the area and what you know they had a few of these socks. I obviously bought one along with a basic sock pattern and went back to my sisters place and started knitting. She gave me some of her wonderful little bamboo needles to use. I kept casting on knitting a few rows and ripping it out because I wasn’t getting the pattern for the socks that I saw advertised. I kept thinking I must have the wrong gauge or something. My sister looked on the internet and found a yahoo e-mail group for the particular yarn. It was called Opal. When I got home I immediately joined the list. One of the many things I learned was not to worry about the pattern, just go with it. I was mostly a lurker on the list but learned a lot from it and enjoyed being a part of the list.

I got an e-mail this morning from Soxie the list administrator. She is retiring. I will not lie I am sad to see the list stop but I am glad that Soxie is getting to start a new part of her life. Congratulations on retirement!! Oh yeah, you should see the sock obbsession this has started.

Here is a picture of the fist socks, the first anything I ever knitted.

Well I better get off the computer and get some errands done. The Shuttle is suppose to launch today and it can cause major traffic, wether they scrub the launch or not so I’m off to the store, post office, etc.