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Summer Days Photo Friday

Dax and I go to the beach almost everyday.
We try to get Tyde to go with us but he can’t seem to get out of bed before 11 a.m.
If there were surfable waves maybe he would get up.
But for now we have those glassy small summer waves that are good for the river rat float.

I hope everybody else is enjoying their summer days.


I got this merino top roving a couple years ago while at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival from Ohio Valley Natural fibers.I don’t know how much I spun but I can tell you I still have a lot left over. My original idea was to spin enough of this to make a sweater but I’ve gotten bored spinning it so I Navajo plied it to get it off my bobbins to make way for something else. I really should invest in some more bobbins.

Here are the singles.
Here’s what I got after Navajo plying.

I thought I had about an even amount of singles on each bobbin, maybe a little bit more on one but I ended up getting 143 yards from one and 238 yards from the other. I haven’t checked the wpi but just from looking at it I can tell I spun one of the bobbins thinner than the other.
Well at least I have another 2 plus pounds of this stuff to play with to try and become more consistent. It is a pretty color and much softer then I originally thought it would be.

We got this post card in the mail a few days ago. I thought I would share it with you.If you can’t see what it says, click on it to make it bigger.

I don’t know who Van is and I’m sorry he lost his cat but loved reading his lost cat card. His description of what his kitty responds to and the fact that if you find his cat he wants you to feed it then call made me smile. I use to refer to the shaking cat food box as the intenational kitty call :). It must be more unique then I thought. Hopefully he has found his cat.

Friday Photo and fill ins

Dax had one of her friends over so we started the fire pit and roasted hot dogs.
As you can see Rohan will be your best friend if you have a hot dog close by.
I was thinking of calling this post desire.

And for the Friday Fill Ins
1. I grew up thinking _clowns were creppy and saturday morning cartoons were worth getting up early for.

2. The Friday Fill Ins_ was the last website I was at before coming here.

3. Why don’t you _grab a glass of tea and relax some?

4. Knitting__ helps me relax.

5. Thanks for the _comments you all have been leaving. I really sprreciate hearing from you.

6. Having to cast on what feels like a gazillion times is__ very off-putting.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to just relaxing__, tomorrow my plans include planting some flower seeds__ and Sunday, I want to sit at my wheel and spin some Gale’s art merino___!
I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Kwik Sew 3497

I made the top awhile back. It’s been getting a lot of use. I made view A, with the gather in the front, and used a cheap lycra fabric I got from Hancock fabrics.

I usually wear a tank underneath the top. It would probably work fine with out it but I feel more comfortable with the tank.

I made the size small and had to take it in around the arms. It bagged out a good bit. Maybe if I used a fabric that was less stretchy, an interlock, it wouldn’t have done this. Other then that there were no other modifications that I did to the pattern.

On a different note, have you seen the Terrible Yellow Eyes blog? It’s wonderful. It’s an online tribute to Maurice Sendak, who wrote Where the Wild Things Are. Different artists/illustrators are posting their art work that was inspired from the book. I loved looking at all the art work, very nice.

The book has been made into a movie, which you can see the trailer for here.

Photo Friday and fill ins

Wow two posts in one week. It must be summertime:).

Here is a dandelion I took a picture of when I was in Maryland.I very seldom see dandelions where I live at. Maybe they don’t like salt in the air. I do love them when they are in this stage. Don’t you just want to pick it and gently blow all the little white things all over the place?

There is a blog called Friday Fill Ins and since I’m in such a participating mood I decided to put my fill ins in the blanks. Go ahead give it a try and see what you come up with.

1. Home sweet home.

2. My favorite thing for dinner lately has been anything that somebody else makes.

3. All Rohan did last night was bark! bark! bark! Tyde had some friends stay over and they had him all playful and barking.

4. A nice long walk will cure all woes.

5. I’d love to hear some good news.

6. When all is said and done, then what.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I’m looking forward to not cooking, tomorrow my plans include drafting a pattern for some shorts and Sunday, I want to finally get some spinning done!

I know this is suppose to be a craft blog. I’ll get to it, someday :).

Last day

The last day of school for T and D was last Thursday. I took this picture when I went to pick them up. The amount of buses they have always amazes me. Dax said she once counted them and got up to 26. A big difference from the elementary school they went to that had a whopping 3 buses.

However today was my last day. I wanted to participate in Dawn’s, from Today and Everyday , self portrait month. She has a goal of taking a picture of herself daily for the month of June and has asked anybody who wants to do the same. I will not be taking pictures daily but did want to participate. So, I decided to let my self portrait be me in my little library. I’ve been using this week of no students or teachers to do inventory and to get the library ready for the next school year.
It’s a bit bittersweet for me. It’s been a busy year and I’m so looking forward to the summer break but also my job is being consolidated. I guess that’s what you would call it. There are several schools in our area that are dealing with low numbers of students and the county is having a hard time with budgeting. Because of this it was decided that any school with an enrollment of less than 400 students will be sharing media assistants, (that’s me), technology specialists and Vice Principles. We have around 380 students. I don’t know the pre-k students very well. They usually come in the library before I get there but for the rest of the school I know every one of them from kindergarten up to sixth grade.
I don’t know what it will be like next year. But I do know it will not be the same.

I will really miss this job. I have absolutely loved it.