Monthly Archives: August 2008

Eye Candy Friday

We saw this little guy on the beach yesterday.

Our latest weather must have taken its toll on him because he didn’t scurry off when he saw us. I was beginning to think he was dead but if we got to close he would show us his pinchers to let us know to back off.
I was thinking of provoking him more to get a good picture of his pincher but I figured he probably had a bad enough day so I let him be.



This is my Fay report.

Fay came for a visit on Tuesday and she has brought a lot of rain with her. I don’t ever recall seeing so much rain. It has been constantly raining, sometimes harder than others but never stopping. The news is saying that Cocoa Beach has received over 22 inches of rain and to expect another 4-6 inches. Fortunately we live in a low flood zone so we are not having any issues with flooding. Other than that there is not much to say about Fay. There are some small gusts of wind but nothing major, no power outages for us, just sobbing wet rain.
I heard a guy on the radio this morning say that even the best of houses will leak under these conditions. So we did a house inspection to look everything over and I can report that the house is water tight. There are no leaking problems, yeah. I guess all that tyvek, the sticky bonding stuff around the windows and that unbelievable heavy waterproof paint we used on the blocks when building the house has paid off. Whew.

I hope everybody else is staying nice and dry.

Apron Swap

I received my apron from the Sew Obsessed Ravelry apron swap on Friday. My swap partner was Marie from knittedgems blog or knittedgems Ravelry. She did a wonderful job on the apron she made for me.

Unfortunately I only got two pictures of the apron. I had to use the timer thing on the camera because the kids were still asleep and Rudy went for a bike ride.
Rohan became intrigued with the beeping noise of the camera. This one is when he noticed the beeping.After that the only pictures I could get using the timer was a close up of him.

The note with the apron says she made it from an old jean dress and the other fabric came from a small local Ma & Pa store. I love that she made it from recycled fabric and that it is denim. The denim will be very durable which is much needed for an apron being used by me ;). The buttons she put on it alternate between white buttons and red heart buttons that coordinate with the red fabric very well. It makes it very charming and I can’t help but keep thinking of that saying, “home is where the heart is” when I look at it.
Marie also sent a leather hair barrette that she picked up at a Ren Faire. Thank you so much Marie!

Random stuff

Well this post will probably be all over the place and there are no pictures. I’ll call it my random post. I was doing good there for awhile and actually posted at least once a week or more. But lately my mind has been in other places then the blog and I haven’t been inspired to post. My intentions have been good though, I have even been lugging my big old camera around thinking I will take some pictures of maybe this or that but haven’t clicked it once in the last week or two. I think I have been having a bit of the end of the summer blues.

I go back to work on Thursday, tomorrow. I’m going to miss the summer. I love having time to spend with the kids and to knit, spin, cook, go to the beach or whatever. The down side of all this is that I don’t get paid when I don’t work. Life is such a catch22. You either have the money to do things and not the time or you have the time and not the money. Anyway I think I’m done mourning for the summer of 08. I’m actually starting to get excited about seeing the kids at school and beginning a new year with them.

I’ve been working on a swap package. I joined an apron swap from Ravelry’s Sew Obsessed forum. The apron has been finished for awhile but it’s just sitting there. I’ve been trying to think of something to put with it as a gift but nothing is coming to me. I decided to not tell the person I have her and I’ve been spying on her. She has a Ravelry account and a Flickr account but I’m not getting a lot from it. I will probably wait till the deadline till I send it just in case I can find out more about her. I wish there was a questionnaire to go with this swap. I would have liked to know if she likes tea, coffee, beer, candles, candy, or favorite yarn, anything. Maybe I’m just not a very good spy.

Speaking of spying Dax started a Raverly account. Of course I put her in as a friend and I can see everything she does while on Ravelry, it really makes me feel like a spy to see what she is doing. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

Did you know McDonald’s fillet o’fish comes with half the cheese that it use to. Yep, I usually get the fillet o’fish with tomato added when I eat there. I have to open up the sandwich to scoop off the excessive amount of tartar sauce they put on it. While doing this I noticed I only had a half a slice of cheese on my sandwich. When I mentioned this to Rudy he looked at his and told me he had the other half. Maybe if they really want to save money they should consider putting less than a pound of tartar sauce on the sandwiches ;).

I finished the sideways vest but I need to block it.

The kids have a dentist appointment today which might be a good time to get Tyde to do some school shopping. The guy really hates being inside a store. I think all he needs is some shoes. He took his shoes off on the last day of school and I haven’t seen them since. He probably needs some socks to.

I didn’t join the Dish Rag Tag this year. I also didn’t join the Ravelylympics. I guess I’m not much of a joiner lately. However Dax did join the Ravelylympics. She will be knitting with team teen.

I got to meet with some other knitters in Titusville. It was a blast! I laughed and touched yarn and laughed and even met some other spinners. I also drank some wonderful tea and ate a blueberry scone. Well I didn’t eat the scone till I got home. I was too busy taking everything in to eat it while I was there. The group meets at Sunrise Bread Company on Thursday mornings. They are a great group of people. I knew one of them thru her blog, but the others I had never met. Regardless they made me feel welcomed, which is saying a lot because I’m usually a bit shy in large groups and keep to myself.

Dax has been reading the Twilight books by Stephenie Meyer. I find this so funny. I haven’t read the books but I’ve read enough reviews to know it’s a vampire, teen, love story. Dax is the one that will do eyeball rolls when there are kissy scenes in movies.

Thanks to Dax I’ve heard all the Fablehaven books by Brandon Mull. She read all three of them to me this summer while I was spinning. I really enjoyed them and will try and get them in the school library. I have to confess it was interesting to have your child read a book to you instead of the other way around.

Well this is getting to long so I’ll stop here. Have a great day!