Monthly Archives: October 2006

Some pictures

Rudy has started tiling the bathroom. The red stuff on the wall is some kind of waterproofing stuff he painted on.

Here is what Dax came up for her costume. She originally picked something that took around 12 yards of fabric. I told her I wasn’t going to spend that much money on a costume and to look in the fabric stash. She found something shiny and decided to ditch the original idea. She changed patterns and came up with this. Not sure what she is suppose to be. Her first idea was a vampire lady. She keeps changing her mind.

Dax’s science experiment.


Not a lot to say

I seem to be very busy lately but I don’t have a lot to post about.

Dax’s team took their first loss last week. It was a good game. The final score was 6-7, very exciting. They came back this week and won yesterday’s game. They have another game today.

I got me a tomato plant. We’ll see how long it takes me to kill it. I usually do fine with tomato plants when I can plant them in the ground but I still don’t have much of a yard so I will be putting this one in a big container. Hopefully it will do better then the last one I did this to.

Here’s a progress picture for the sweater. The row I’m currently working on has 4 color changes in it. It’s such a joy (not) to try and keep them untangled. I can manage two color changes fine but this is trying my patience.


Meet Miwi, this is my spinning wheel. It is an Ashford Kiwi. I got it while at the Maryland sheep and wool festival. I learned to spin on a drop spindle and decided I wanted a spinning wheel. I read about the Ashford kiwi online and it sounded like a good wheel for a beginner and it also was not very expensive. I haven’t ever used any other spinning wheel so I can’t compare it to other wheels. So far I have been very pleased with it. I have not been able to master spinning a thicker yarn, yet. Everything I spin seems to be on the thin side. I think this is the lack of knowledge on the spinners part.

Dax’s soccer team is still on a roll. Florida today was at the field for their last game and took some pictures. If interested, you can see them in the soccer gallery here. Click thru the “next” button to see all the pictures.

I finished Dax’s skorts. She wore them to school today. We will be starting on Halloween costumes soon.

This is how far I got on her sweater.